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Guests and New Members

The club is actively looking for new members and we welcome prospective shooters to our guest days at Thorpe Range in Derbyshire.  For obvious reasons there are legal constraints on who can be on an active shooting range and we have to ensure that our insurance policy covers everyone present.   

What is a Guest Day?

 Shooting clubs are permitted to have up to 12 guest days a year so that prospective shooters can find out about the sport and try shooting for themselves - under direct supervision of course. 

New Starters

Probably the best way to start shooting for young people is with a cadet group (Sea Cadets, Air Cadets, Army Cadets) or the Scouts.  For those a little older, an alternative is to locate a local small-bore club (.22LR rifles, air rifles and air pistols) and contact the secretary to see if you can go along.  Such clubs can offer a full course of instruction and they have the advantage of meeting indoors at least once a week. Thorpe can be very cold, windy and wet at times!   

Is Previous Shooting Experience Needed?

It would be advantageous to have 0.22 small-bore experience but it is not essential.  If you wish we can take you through formal NRA approved probationary training using a club 7.62x51 rifle.  Successful completion of this training entitles you to shoot unsupervised on any range classed as military, such as Bisley.  Although Thorpe Cloud and many other ranges are not military it is good practice to hold the certificate of competence that will be  awarded with this course.  It is an assurance to other members that you can handle a firearm safey and that you understand the principles of marksmanship.   

How Much Does it Cost?

The charge for a guest session is £30 payable in cash on the day and includes:   

  • A short safety briefing. 
  • Overall supervision by a qualified Range Control Officer. 
  • The use of a club rifle. 
  • One-to-one instruction and assistance while you shoot. 
  • 10 rounds of 7.62x51 ammunition.  (Doesn't sound a lot - but wait until you try it!) 
  • An opportunity to join us in the bar at the Old Dog at the end of the shoot. 

If you already have a firearms certificate you are welcome to bring  your own rifle and ammunition - the  charge will be the same.  Please ensure that you have your firearms  certificate with you on the day.  If you are a guest bringing your own rifle, the elevation should be set at 200 - 300 yards. You must have previously zeroed your rifle before bringing the rifle to the range.  

How Do I Arrange a Visit?

Without formal approval, you will be asked to leave.  We have to provide your details to the authorities and to our insurance  company before you can attend.  Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.  In your message provide us with information about your location, your interest in shooting and any previous experience.  

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the club or about shooting in general - we will do our best to help.  We will send you a form to be completed for legal and insurance purposes and it is vital that this is returned to us before you attend a  guest session.  

We can usually lend you a shooting glove and jacket (depending on your size), but bring hearing protection with you.   

Club Disciplines

Target Rifle

Target Rifles use 7.62x51 calibre ammunition, are equipped with iron sights and must weigh under 6.5kg  (14.32lbs).  They are shot with the aid of a sling which helps reduce the felt weight of the rifle.  Most Target Rifle shooters use "as issued" factory loaded ammunition.  

Note: the small bipod is used to stop the rifle falling  over when put down before and after shooting - it is not used to support  the rifle while shooting.   

System Gemini Rifle: .308 calibre made by Robert Nibbs of Tonbridge

"F" Class Rifle

 "F" Class rifles can be of almost any calibre (6.5 x 47 Lapua is a  popular calibre), may have telescopic sights and may be shot from a  rest.  They can also be extremely heavy, up to 10kg (22lb), and  extremely accurate.  Almost all ammunition for "F" Class rifles is hand loaded.  "F" Class was originally invented for those with reduced eye sight or physical limitations.  It has become an incredibly accurate sport with great emphasis placed on skilled and consistent reloading. 

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Interested in a Guest Day?

 We enjoy having new visitors to the range by appointment only.  Sheffield Rifle Club typically has 10 allocations each year as the range is shared with other clubs.  Events are nornally scheduled once a month and fall on a Saturday or Sunday.